ELTHIN - Czech Medieval Music Ensemble

We are professional group with lots of experience in medieval music.
Listen to beautiful music and interesting information about origin and content of performed music and life of medieval musicians during our performance. Our group was formed in 2006 and has had many perfomances in Czech republic and abroad ever since.

Medieval music performance

We try our best to perform medieval music faithfully. To reach that we use achieved experience, preserved enrollments or original illuminations. The exact reconstruction of medieval music is sometimes impossible to reach and need to be made with compromises. Our goal is to bring beautiful medieval music to today's listeners and spectators. We also play historical replicas of instruments and wear medieval costumes (the second half of 14th century).


Our repertoir contents secular and ecclesiastical songs and pieces of czech and europian Middle Ages and early Renaissance. That means also period of Charles IV, Vaclav IV, Jan Hus and last Premyslids as well. The oldests are from 12th and the latests are from 16th century. Various medieval collections and composers are sources of our performance, e.g. Cantigas de Santa Maria,Carmina Burana, Piae Cantiones, Codex Franus, Cantional of Jistebnice (Jistebnice hymn book), Cancional of Vyssi Brod, Codex Specialnik and others. Songs are performed in original old languages such as Latin, Galician, Occitan, Provencal, Old Czech and German...

Offer of medieval performance

We perform at medieval festivals, feasts, fairs, celebrations, weddings, fencing and dancing meetings, living history occassions and the others...
We offer performance of medieval and early rennaissance music with or without sound system. The best thrill of historical music is achieved by playing without sound system which is kindly recommended. If the occassion requires sound system contact us to get our stage plan.

For questions, orders and booking, please use the e-mail: info@elthin.cz


vocals, lute, citole, gittern, hurdy gurdy

vocals, recorders, flute, bagpipes, shawms, cornamuse, gemshorns

vocals, drums, percussions

vocals, harp, hurdy-gurdy

vocals, medieval fiddle


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